How to Play PUBG Mobile – Game Features for Free Online

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game where you are pitted in a 100 man survival arena where only one person remains alive. It takes massive inspiration from the Japanese cult classic movie, Battle Royale, back in the year 2000. PUBG grew instantaneously around late 2017 to mid-2018 thanks to its intense gameplay moments, unpredictable clashes and randomized game sessions. To this day, millions of players log in daily to find out if they deserve that winner chicken dinner.

In 2019, after Tencent acquired the game from PUBG Corp, they made a phone version called PUBG Mobile. It is a free to play version of the Steam edition, and it is arguably more stable to play. Naturally, people would want the PC adaptation of it. This site is the best place to go to. If you are new to the game, you should read below on how to play PUBG Mobile on PC.

PUBG Gameplay Online


Get on a Head Start

Usually, anybody would go straight into ranked mode head first without knowing what to expect. And, you know what, we advise it. Because nothing is as educational as learning the experience first-hand, look, we won’t sugarcoat it. You will die in this game — a lot. But, don’t take that too personally. After all, it’s just a game. And, every time you lose the game, think of it as a learning experience. So, now that you got your taste of how notorious a battle royale game is, it’s time to learn the fundamentals.

When & When Not to Drop

Some may say never drop as soon as the countdown stops. Others will prefer that you drop as one of the last people in the plane. For us, it’s a mix of both. The best time to drop down is when you feel like a cluster of players stopped dropping at a specific moment. For example, don’t drop yet if you see five people at the same time. Try counting five more seconds AND THEN you drop. But, if you wish to go aggro, go ahead and drop with the others. Just make sure to find a weapon somewhere before you start skirmishing.

PUBG Mobile Features Weapons


Primary Weapons to Bring

A handgun is the most common drop at the early game as soon as you spawn anywhere on the map. But, in the later parts of the game, you should find yourself one good assault rifle and a submachine gun. We don’t need to discuss how vital armour and helmets are now, do we?

Activate Learning in PUBG Mobile

By default, the game does not have a leaning activate. It would be best if you did so as it is best for peeking on windows or firing behind the enemy fire. Also, bind them to the Q and E keys; Q for the lean left, E for slight right.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay


Increase Your Sensitivity

PUBG Mobile has a dead aim and camera sensitivity by default. We recommend cranking all of them up by the middle for the best and most optimal shooting. This act is incredibly best when you are playing on FPS mode.

Use the Practice Range Often

If you want to know which weapon suits you the most, you should go to Practice mode a lot of times. That way, you will understand each weapon’s firing rate, damage, best attachments and overall handling.

Getting Started Playing PUBG Mobile on PC

Though there’s already a PUBG game on PC, it’s not available for free. The best option to play this popular battle royale game free on a computer is through PUBG Mobile. Fortunately, the process of playing this game on a computer is very simple and easy. But after installing the game on your computer, what will you do next? Well, let’s discuss this in this section.

Adjusting the Controls

After installing PUBG Mobile on your PC, the first thing you should do is set up the controls of the game. This is important since the gameplay will be different on a mobile device and a computer. You won’t be playing anymore on a touchscreen mobile, but instead will use a keyboard and/or mouse, which is better for this game anyway.

PUBG Shooting Range

Now to properly have a great experience playing on a PC, you need to set up your game controls first. When you start playing, the software will have default control settings and you might not be comfortable with it. To change that, you just need to press F1 or click the keyboard icon.

Once you’re on the game control settings, press the pen icon to enter Edit mode. In this mode, you can already replace the bind keys with the keys that you prefer. In this mode, you can also add buttons or move around the controls, especially if they are distracting you from playing.

The great thing about the software’s controls is that it can even mimic certain touchscreen functions. This is helpful if you are already used to playing the game on touchscreen controls. You can add a button in the game that can mimic the swipe feature of mobile devices. There’s also a button for the tap feature and even a button for tilting. Once you have completed adjusting the game’s control settings to your liking, you can finally play PUBG Mobile on your PC without any issues.

PUBG Mobile has always been the more popular game version, primarily because it is available for free. Though it was designed for mobile, it’s still possible to play it on a PC with the help of the software that you can download here. Once completed , the next step before you can play is to adjust the game’s control settings. Doing this will allow you to set up the game’s controls in a way where you are comfortable to use them. After that, you can start playing PUBG Mobile on your computer without any issues.