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PUBG Mobile – What We Know About The Among Us-Themed Mode

PUBG Mobile Among Us

If you are a big fan of Among Us and PUBG Mobile, then you will enjoy this rumored collaboration-style mode. The mode is an Among Us-styled game that will come to the popular battle royale game. That’s right, PUBG Mobile will soon have an Among Us game mode if rumors are true. The mode was leaked in a YouTube video by a YouTuber called the Lucky Man. He uploaded a video where he is playing the said mode in the Chinese edition of PUBG Mobile, Game of Peace.

But how does this new game mode work? When will it likely come out? This article will shed some light on some of these questions. It will discuss what we know so far about the Among Us-themed mode in PUBG Mobile.

The Among Us Mode in PUBG Mobile

Among Us is an action multiplayer game that centers around deception and being sneaky. It’s usually played with 4-10 players with 1-3 of them being randomly selected to be Impostors and the rest Crewmates. For Crewmates, the goal is to complete tasks or successfully identify and eject all the Impostors. For the Impostors, it’s to kill all Crewmates without being identified.

It’s a very fun, exciting, and challenging game to play. Although we still need to figure out when this game will make its way to PUBG mobile. Well, based on the YouTube video from Lucky Man, the latest game mode will be called “Who is The Ghost”. This mode will divide all players into two teams, special forces and a ghost. But unlike in Among Us, only one player will play the role of the ghost in this mode.

PUBG Mobile New Mode

The goal is relatively similar for both teams. The role of a ghost is to kill all special forces before he is identified or discovered. For special forces, their goal is to successfully identify the ghost before they’re all killed. They can also win if they complete the repair of the base before all of them are taken down.

Players can call for meetings or report a dead body. Ghosts can also vent to get to other places faster. The game’s map also features several rooms, just like in Among Us. The new mode’s gameplay truly took inspiration from Among Us. And PUBG mobile fans are excited to try it out.

The Difference of The New Game Mode To Among Us

One of the main differences you will see is the play style. Since this game mode is played in Game of Peace (PUBG Mobile Chinese version), it has a different camera angle. It’s like you’re playing the regular battle royale game, where the camera’s point of view is in 3rd-person. This makes it easier for the ghost to ambush unsuspecting special forces.

It’s also easy for a special force to walk in from behind to see the ghost killing another member. Players will have to be more careful and strategic in how they go about playing this game. Another difference is that the graphics are also way better compared to Among Us. It’s not the cartoon-like graphics that people know with the indie party game. This game mode will make use of the battle royale’s graphics, which is why it will be good.

PUBG Mobile Among Us

In terms of death animation, it’s not certain if special force players will see that. The video showed the gameplay from the ghost’s perspective. As for venting, it’s like healing where there’s a short countdown timer and once over, you’re on the other side. It also seems like a ghost can perform tasks, making it harder for other players to detect them.

Getting The Game Mode to PUBG Mobile

Since this game mode came to Game of Peace, it’s not far-fetched that it’ll also come to PUBG Mobile. Of course, there’s still no guarantee of that happening. The best we can do is to hope it arrives at the global variant of the popular battle royale game. As for when it will likely come out, that’s also hard to determine.

Usually, Game of Peace is about a level or two updates ahead of PUBG Mobile. Once the new mode gets released in GoP, PUBG Mobile’s version will come soon. It’s possible that the latest mode could be the new theme that will come with Season 18 in March. Here’s hoping that’s the case, so all PUBG Mobile players can also enjoy playing Who’s The Ghost.

Bringing new game modes to a currently iconic game is one way to get players excited. It can also be the reason for more gamers to take interest in the game. For now, you can level up your battle royale skills and get familiar with the game’s controls. Play PUBG Mobile on PC and get access to full-screen, enhanced graphics gameplay. You can also have customizable keymaps. Get the best out of your gaming experience by getting it for free here!