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PUBG Mobile: Best Guns For Players To Use In The Game

PUBG Mobile Best Gun

Whenever players play PUBG Mobile, their goal is to achieve the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” phrase, which is what you will see if you or your team wins. Many ways and strategies can increase your chances of getting a Chicken Dinner. But one factor that will have a major impact on winning is the kind of weapon that you are using. Though your skills and abilities in using the guns in the game will have an impact, you can’t deny that a good weapon increases your chances of winning.

But with so many weapons available in the game, which among them would be the best one that you can use? Another question would likely be where you can find them on the map, considering you’ll have to explore the map first to find weapons to equip. We’ll discuss all of these things in the article.




The 5 Best Guns to Use in PUBG Mobile Right Now

Before we discuss the best guns, it is important to note that you should use and equip whatever gun you come across, especially in the beginning. The purpose of the game is to survive until the end, and having a weapon to use is critical to helping you achieve that goal. So when you start, don’t go about ignoring other weapons because you only want to equip the best gun available.

You can always replace the gun that you are using when you finally come across a better weapon. So just grab what you can in the beginning and just change weapon as you move along in the map. With that said, here are 5 of the best guns you can use in the game.





The best gun that you can use in the game is the assault rifle AKM. It’s a gun that uses the 7.62mm ammo and deals with the second-highest damage among all assault rifles. The reason it’s number one is because of its availability. It’s a gun that you can easily find across all maps so that you won’t have issues looking for the AKM. It’s a gun that is best suited for close-range combat, and some mid-range battles as well.



Second, on the list is another assault rifle in the M416. It’s one of the most versatile guns in PUBG Mobile and is a perfect weapon for beginners. It uses the 5.56mm ammo and has a very low recoil if proper attachments are equipped, making it easy to control. It’s not as common as the AKM, but it has a decent spawn rate across all maps of the game. It’s best suited for mid-range to close-range combat.



If you’re looking for a 1-shot gun, then the AWM sniper rifle is your weapon even at a long-range distance. It has the highest damage output in the game, allowing you to 1-shot opponents even at a distance. The only problem with this gun is that it is only available via airdrops. It uses the magnum bullet, which is also only available via airdrop.



If you prefer a weapon that can 1-shot an enemy at close-range, then the S12K shotgun is the gun for you. It’s the best shotgun available in the game, even if its damage is not the highest. This is because it has a semi-automatic fire rate. So even if you don’t 1-shot them, this gun’s fire rate will allow you to fire quickly, compared to other shotguns. You just have to be careful of its high recoil.



The 5th best weapon to use in the PUBG Mobile is the submachine gun UMP45. It uses .45 ACO bullets and it can accept a lot of attachments. It’s also a good gun to have for beginners because of its low recoil. It’s a very versatile gun, allowing you to use it for close, medium, and long-range combat, depending on what attachments you are using.

There are many more good guns available in the game, but the ones mentioned above are considered the best ones that you can use right now. So when you come across these weapons, you better equip them to give you a better fighting chance. Enjoy the game by downloading and playing PUBG Mobile on your PC for free!