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PUBG Mobile Shares Finals Theme Song of Global Championship

PUBG Mobile Global Championship

PUBG Mobile has recently concluded the Global Championship 2020. It’s one of the main PUBG tournaments where 24 teams competed for the title and a huge prize pool. It began on November 24, 2020, and ended on December 20, 2020. The top 12 teams after the qualification round moved on to the Global Championship finals.

The finals were played from January 21 to 26, 2021 to determine the winner of the PMGC 2020. Though the competing teams bathe in the spotlight, there was also another highlight that people enjoyed. It was the tournament’s theme song that was played during the finals. Since many people loved it, the developers shared the full version of the theme song. Let’s discuss the PMGC 2020, as well as the finals theme song in this article.

The Team Awards For The PMGC 2020

After almost a 2-month tournament schedule, the winner of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 has been determined. Nova XQF from China garnered the highest points at the end of the PMGC finals ultimately becoming the champions. The team scored 319 points and amassed a total of 151 kills. As the winners of the tournament, they will be taking home $700,000.

Second place went to another team from China, the 4 Angry Men (4AM). They garnered a total of 294 points and had 143 kills. As the runner up, they will take home $200,000. The 3rd place goes to Zeus Esports from Mongolia, who got 292 points, just 2 points shy of second place. The team goes home with $100,000. The PMGC was an exciting tournament, full of amazing gameplay, action-packed sequence, and great plays and strategies from the teams.


This tournament was the most-watched event in PUBG Mobile’s Esports history. This shows how great it was, not only for the players but also for everyone who was watching it. But aside from recognizing the winning teams, the tournament also provided recognition to certain players who stood out. It’s likely that all players who participated performed extraordinarily during the tournament. But some players just had better games and worth recognizing.

The Player Awards For The PMGC 2020

The Most Valuable Player in the finals goes to Sukkkk who is the in-game leader and fragger of 4AM. He played great during the tournament and had a total team contribution of 27.6%. The MVP secured 54 total kills during the finals. Sukkk also dealt a total of 11,510 damage and survived for 631 minutes and 9 seconds. As the MVP of the tournament, he takes home $15,000. Aside from MVP, Sukkkk also won the Gunslinger award, as he had the most kills in the entire tournament.

He had a total of 203 kills in 89 matches with 40 headshots and 31,512 in total damages. The Eagle Eye award is given to the Thai player Beer11 of RRQ Athena. He got this award for having killed an enemy with the longest distance. He got a kill from a distance of 463 meters, which is very far. Another individual award is the Grenade Master, which is given to Ryzen from Bigetron Red Aliens. He had the most kills using a grenade in the game, amassing a total of 26 grenade kills.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship

The Bangladesh player from A1 eSports, Dante, won the Survivor Award. He’s the player who has survived the longest during the duration of the tournament. He had survived a total of 2073 minutes and 56 seconds. And he didn’t achieve this by just hiding, as he also secured 49 kills and dealt 9,238 total damage.

The last award given is the Field Medic award, which the Turkish player Lovazin of Team Futbolist received. The award was given to the player who carried out the most revives during the tournament. Lovazin revived his teammates 67 times throughout the tournament, showing that he’s someone who won’t leave any man behind.

The Battle For Glory Theme Song

The preliminaries of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship ended on December 20, while the finals began on January 21. This meant that there was a 1-month preparation period before players resume battling against each other for the championship. With an interval this long, it would be hard to get pumped up when the actual finals roll out

But the game’s developers had a solution for that. Before the finals began, they released the full version of Battle for Glory as the Final’s theme song. The song even comes with a music video, which further adds to the hype. It’s the perfect solution to get the teams and fans fired up for the grand finals of PMGC.

PUBG Mobile is a competitive battle royale game with a gigantic player-base. It garners new players with the hopes of making it big in the title, or simply play around with friends. As the Esports community grows, so too will PUBG. The game already offers new content by introducing a new game mode. It’s a great time to parachute into the battlefield and start a journey to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.