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PUBG Mobile: The Best Map To Use For Competitive Play

PUBG Mobile Maps

PUBG Mobile is a viral battle royale game. One of its main draws is the competitive play that it provides players. Unlike some of the battle royale games available where players can use various character skills to help them, this game will rely on the player’s skills in using guns and their strategy in the game. When it comes to competitive play, the most popular game mode is the classic mode.

When you play the classic mode, you will have five maps to choose from, Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and the new map Livik. Each map offers different terrains, as well as other layouts. With five maps to choose from, which among them is the best one to use when it comes to competitive gaming? Let’s rank them here.


PUBG Mobile Maps


The Best Map to Use For Competitive Gaming in PUBG Mobile


There is a reason why Erangel is the most popular and favourite map in PUBG Mobile. And this is because the map offers a great spread of buildings, loots, and vehicles. It’s easy for players to strategize on this map due to how evenly spread the important locations are. Even the smaller buildings and shelter will provide good loot for players to start. It’s a large map, with its 8kmx8km size, but its playable area is only the second biggest since a big portion of the map is in water.



This is the second-ranked map when it comes to competitive gaming because of its size. It has a similar 8×8 kilometre size as Erangel, but the playable area is bigger. The spread of the loot is not as even as Erangel, though, so you will need to plan appropriately on where you should land to start the match. There is also less cover in this map because of its desert or mountainous theme, so there is more open space. Expect to encounter a lot of enemies, especially as you are exploring around. Since it’s a large map, a vehicle is needed here.


The third best map for competitive gameplay is Vikendi. This map may not be as popular as Sanhok. But the overall layout of the map makes it ideal for competitive play. Like Erangel, the loot in this map is evenly spread, so it is relatively easy to land anywhere and gear up properly. It’s also a medium-sized map at 6×6 kilometers, so it presents a right balance between being able to explore properly and encounter enemies. Since it’s a snow-themed map, wearing white can provide an advantage.


Livik Map in PUBG Mobile



This is a small map at only 4×4 kilometers, which means faster and more intense gameplay. You can expect to encounter enemies at the beginning, so you will need to properly plan on where you should land to get good loot at the start. It is also the second most popular map, next to Erangel.



The new map is last not because it is the smallest map at only 2×2 kilometers, but because it is still in Beta mode. This means there will always be changes in the map once the final version is released. As the smallest map in the game, you can expect even quicker and more intense gameplay. Don’t be surprised to encounter several enemies right at the start of the game. This is because the map doesn’t have a lot of good drop locations.

All maps in PUBG Mobile are good maps for competitive gaming. Some maps just have a little advantage over the others; hence they rank higher on this list. But regardless of what map you choose, expect fun and competitive gameplay.

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