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PUBG Mobile’s Latest Update Introduces New Game Mode

PUBG Mobile New Update

When it comes to battle royale games, one of the most well-known titles would have to be PUBG Mobile. It has the highest number of players among the franchise’s titles, but it‘s also the most downloaded PUBG title. And why not? It’s a very fun game to play and it’s available for free. So players would naturally gravitate towards it if they’re looking for battle royale action.

But what’s great about PUBG Mobile is that the developers are finding ways to bring new and exciting content. Well, they’ve done it again with their latest update, providing a new game mode for players to enjoy. But aside from the new game mode, the developers also added new weapons, new options, and great features with update 1.2. But what is this new game mode and how fun would it be to play? Let’s discuss all the new features of PUBG Mobile.

The Runic Power Game Mode

The latest, and probably the main attraction of this latest update is the new game mode. It’s called the Runic Power Game mode, and it will add special powers to the classic battle royale game. Runes from another world have come to PUBG Mobile along with three special powers that players can use.

You can check which power you would like to use when you are at Spawn Island. You need to select the Erangel map Runic Power to be able to enjoy this new game mode. Then choose between the Flame Rune, Arctic Rune, or the Wind Rune. Each one will provide you with a summon skill and a Boost skill. Below is the rundown of the skills:

PUBG Mobile New Mode

  • Flame Rune –  You can summon a wheel of flame that will roll forward slowly and deal burning damage to enemy players. For the boost, it will add a burning effect on your Ammo for a short period.
  • Arctic Rune – You’ll summon an ice wall that will lift players or vehicles directly above them. For the boost, this rune will add a freezing effect to your Ammo. It can reduce the effectiveness of healing for a short duration.
  • Wind Rune – This rune lets you summon a semi-transparent shield that reduces the damage of projectiles that hit you. For the boost, it will increase your movement and reload speed.

It is important to remember that using skills will cost rune energy. But these rune energies can be obtained during matches, so always be on the lookout for them. The new gameplay is available to play from January 12 up to March 7. So, make sure that you enjoy this game mode as much as you can while it’s still available.

A New Weapon To Use

Aside from a new game mode, update 1.2 also brings a new assault rifle to PUBG Mobile. The new weapon is the FAMAS and it uses 5.56mm ammo. It can load 25 ammo and has the fastest rate of fire among the currently available rifles.

You can equip this assault rifle with a muzzle, scope, and new mag. It can’t be equipped with a foregrip, but the weapon does come with its bipod. This will help reduce the recoil, so a foregrip is not needed anymore. The new weapon is only available on the Livik Map on the Classic Battle Royale mode.

PUBG Mobile New Update

New Metro Royale: Honor Content

A new chapter is also introduced in PUBG Mobile, the Metro Royale: Honor chapter.  The new chapter resets all your rankings and inventory in Metro Royale. However, your Fame and NPC are retained. The new Metro Royale: Honor also means that there will be new rewards for you to acquire. There are new voice packs, outfits, and other permanent rewards. There will also be new weekly rankings, which would include Elimination and Loot Rankings. The new chapter also brings an improved enemy AI from the Steel Front and the Cobras for more challenging gameplay.

The update will also introduce a new Metro Royale Honor System. The Honor in this mode represents the player’s strength in the Metro Royale. The more Honor accumulated, the better permanent rewards are obtained. With the latest chapter, all Honors will be reset. But players will begin with an accumulated Honor, based on their previous chapter’s performance. There will also be a new Solo Mode in Metro Royale and all maps and modes are supported. With this Solo Mode, players won’t have to worry about encountering Metro Royale players who play as a team.

PUBG Mobile Improvements

Additional Content & Improvements

Aside from new content, the latest update brought improvements to PUBG Mobile. There are improvements in Security, Sight Model, Skydiving and Landing Action, a new feature to cancel reloading, Firearm Balancing, and more. The latest update also teased the Power Armor Mode, which will launch on the EvoGround on February 5th. It’s a game mode where players can create their Power Armor. But they will need to obtain Nano Crystals and Armor Blueprints to do so. This new game mode is available on the Livik Map.

Season 17 of Royale Pass: Runic Power will also begin on January 19 and will end on March 17. The new season will bring a Runic-themed interface and rewards. The missions are overhauled to lower difficulty, but the point rewards are increased. If you want to become part of the new action, then now’s the time to play PUBG Mobile. You can gain a competitive edge by learning how to play it with our basic guide. Then get the best out of the game and play it on PC for free!