PUBG MOBILE Game Features on PC | TPS Mode | What You Need To Know

PUBG MOBILE is packed with multiple game modes that will keep you playing. One of which is the TPS mode, also known as Third Person Shooter mode. In this mode, you play this action game where the camera pans in 3rd person mode (obviously). For non-gamers, that means the camera faces behind the back of your character. 



Let us check out the difference between this mode and the FPS (First Person Shooter) mode.


The Main Difference

The TPS Mode in PUBG MOBILE is the same as PUBG PC and PUBG LITE versions. However, the controls are slightly different from the other two. The mobile version includes mobile controls for this version. 

However, what separates this from the FPS mode is the perspective. The game separates players based on the camera mode they choose. If you play with TPS mode, you get a wider view of the world, and you even get to see enemies from behind barriers. It feels less immersive than FPS mode, but it plays better for beginners.


Why Choose TPS Mode

For some players, FPS mode can get nauseating, which is why there are countless arguments between gamers as to which camera is better. TPS mode feels better if you get easily dizzy with the first-person perspective camera. After all, TPS mode marks the original camera display in PUBG ever since it debuted in 2017.


TPS’ Advantage and Disadvantage in PUBG MOBILE

As previously mentioned, the TPS mode lets you see the environment more. However, the downside of this includes a lesser field of view and your character blocking the view. Whether you choose the TPS mode or FPS mode lies upon you and your personal preferences. Just know that both camera modes function properly in their own ways.

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