PUBG MOBILE Short Guide to Weapons | What You Need to Know

PUBG MOBILE is known to have authentic weapons that feel very good when you use them. The guns make this action game more exciting. But for the new players, the question would always be this: what weapons should you use for the right situation? In Part 1 of our weapons series, we will show you the basics. 

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PUBG MOBILE Weaponry 101

Handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns, shotguns, and grenades: these are the categories for the weapons in the game. Naturally, you can only find them randomly throughout the map. But should you master only one type of gun over the other? Or should you just become a jack of all trades?

The answer: know the ins and outs of every gun. In reality, you never get a guaranteed specific weapon every time you enter a new match. One time, you will get the M4A1 that you wanted. On another, you are stuck with a UMP45. 

No gun in the game feels underpowered. When used right, you should be able to dominate over the 99 other players in the field. Fire away!




Long Range vs Short Range

You will also never know what weapon suits best for the late game period in a match. For the safest method, always carry a medium or long-range weapon (rifles) and a short-ranged (SMG, pistols, shotguns) one. PUBG MOBILE can get ruthless when it comes to your weapon of choice.


Firing Modes in PUBG PC

But that does not end the argument; weapons include different firing modes. For example, the M4A1 can shoot semi-auto, while the M16A4 shoots in burst rounds. Some sniper rifles shoot semi-auto and some shoot bolt-action. Some shotguns are pump-action, while others are semi-auto. It all depends on your preference on which weapon suits you best.


That ends Part 1 of our series. Stay tuned for the follow-up guide.