PUBG: Run Into the Greatest Action & Shooting Game of All Time

Forget the Tencent emulator, forget NOX, and forget Bluestacks. You can now play PUBG online directly onto your desktop! All you need to do is install the game from this page. We’re not even kidding – you can play PUBG Mobile with a mouse and keyboard without needing to map it.

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But, of course, the PUBG gameplay is different from the one on other PC platforms. If you didn’t get the point yet, this is PUBG Mobile, not PUBG. That’s because we modified the mobile version into a PC game. Plus, it uses lesser resources than an emulator – meaning our version will use up less RAM and requires lesser specs than what an android emulator requires.

Welcome to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

If you never understood what the PUBG meaning is, the answer is in the title. PUBG made its debut back in early 2017. In just a few months, the player base grew to millions. By January 2018, it peaked at 3,236,027 players worldwide on Steam. Without a doubt, PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games of all time. Besides, it was the game that put Battle royale onto the mainstream and boosted Twitch’s popularity.

But around mid-2018, Bluehole – the developer of the game – went on to create a free-to-play version to compete against Rules of Survival and Fortnite on the mobile platform: PUBG Mobile.

What Makes PUBG different from PUBG Online Mobile?

Just from the visuals alone, you can tell the Steam version is much more superior. Textures are lessened in the latter. Additionally, lots of resources were reduced and even shadows and lighting were less dynamic.

Controls are also more simplified as the mobile version can automatically pick up weapons and other items just by standing still. You can also toggle leaning on or off. The UI also displays lesser too. Although, the mobile version includes sound symbols. Unlike the Steam version, the mobile Battlegrounds lets you know enemy positions from the icons shown on the mini-map. This is for mobile players with low volumes or if they’re on mute.

But as for the gunplay, it retains the same good shootout from the bigger platform. Bullet drops, whizzing, the damage output of weapons, defense numbers of armors and helmets; they’re all the same. And if you want to experience PUBG first-hand without needing to pay, PUBGM is the way to go.

PUBG Online Defines Battle Royale

You and 99 other players begin the game on a cargo plane that randomly spawns at any corner of the map. Once the plane reaches the island, you may choose to deploy wherever you like. Parachuting depends on where you want to go but keep in mind about your mission: survive. You can choose to hunt down enemy players one by one, or wait out and camp until there are only a few people left.

PUBG gameplay can vary from passive to highly aggressive depending on where the other players are. However, you can’t just camp for long. As the game goes by, the map shrinks due to the zones. If you’re outside the ring, you’ll slowly deplete health until you die a painful death. The last one to survive is declared the winner…winner chicken dinner.

Play Solo or with Other Players

But, you don’t have to fight alone. Tag along with other players in either duo or quads. You can always link your Facebook account to easily match-up with friends or just let the matchmaking do the teaming for you. Either way, you can get to cross-play between mobile players and emulator players.

Different Maps to Survive On

A PUBG battleground doesn’t settle for one. Rather, you get 4 maps – all of which are also from the Steam version. Play in large maps like the original Erangel and the dry sands of Miramar. Or, go for quicker battles such as the snowy lands of Vikendi and the jungle fever of Sanhok. The maps may change but the rules stay the same.

One of the Best Gun Sounds Ever Made

Perhaps one of the best parts in the game are in the guns. Not only do they feel beefy and powerful, but they sound very dangerous too. They don’t feel like stock or muffled sounds (looking at you, Call of Duty WWII) but they do feel authentic. Every weapon sounds intimidating and you can even hear them from long distances when players fight against each other.

Start Playing PUBG Online Now

We don’t need to tell you any further about the game. This is the best mobile-to-PC version of the hit battle royale that you’ll ever come across. Install the file and get to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – free of charge and without needing an emulator.

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Game Features

  • Classic PUBG gameplay that uses less resources, resulting in faster game performance
  • Highly-optimized for smooth gameplay
  • All maps from the Steam version are included
  • Play Solo, Duos or Quads with fast matchmaking
  • Realistic approach on gunplay and weapon sound effects

Download & Play PUBG on PC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

PUBG Online Battleground Screenshot
PUBG Online Battleground Screenshot

PUBG: Run Into the Greatest Action & Shooting Game of All Time